Company History


Our team was established in 2008, focusing on all-aluminum custom functional storage, set research and development, customization, manufacturing as one of the kitchen intelligent storage manufacturers.


In 2009, we launched the concept of "easier installation" and patented the "three-dimensional adjustable quick release parts" and implemented them in our products.



In 2013, the innovative implementation of the "fast installation into the function of the pull basket", which linked to the pull basket structure patent, to achieve 10 minutes fast installation.


In 2016, the thinking of "functional pull-out baskets that can be installed by beautiful women" took the industry by storm, combining the pioneering "installation template" and "three-dimensional adjustment of quick-assembly parts" to create a set of pull-out baskets 8 minutes to adjust and complete the installation of the actual case, and batch replication on the ground.



In 2017, overturning the tradition, the original research and development of "all-aluminum storage" series of products, applied for more than dozens of patents, and won the "International Invention Gold Award" and "International Creative Gold Award" in Pittsburgh, USA, and the end of 2018 successfully concluded the "Born to be beautiful new product launch".


In 2021, R & D investment in 13 home smart storage, the next step, with intelligence to lead the industry's new trends ....

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